Zero Point Healer

Zero Point Healing gives the ability to create a sacred space specifically for you to heal, without the physical restrictions of distance, time and space. This is done by activating the Merkaba Symbol and other Sacred Geometry to unveil a Zero Point field where pure source energy is available.

In this sacred space, my higher self and guides along with your self and guides can align and transform your four lower bodies (Physical, Emotional, Astral and Mental) back to their original divine blueprint.

Belvaspata is a sacred healing modality using the power of angels through the use of specific sigils. Each angel in Belvaspata has a certain element or role, when called upon can help to heal and balance the emotional and physical energies.
You can read more about Belvaspata here.

Light Language is the language of the soul using sound and vibration, light consciousness is transferred to the soul which has no time delay and can absorb the frequency and vibration, an intention is set so a specific code can come through to help heal or activate the channeler and the receiver.
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Sacred Activations are all programs we can activate, and others if you want to deactivate. Everything is for your highest good. They will activate progressively and will clear all unnecessary energy so you can shift to a higher vibration.
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Zero Point Healing can be done in person, via Skype or remotely from anywhere in the world at an aligned moment.

Healings are listed here.